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31-03-2021 instruction Regarding Ph.D for information of all concerned
12-03-2021 Instructions regarding submission of Ph.D Reports
10-03-2021 Viva-Voce examination of Ms.Arti Ph.D Candidate in the subject of Nursing under the faculty of Nursing Sciences
12-02-2021 Viva-Voca Examination (Biotechnology)
02-02-2021 Appointment of Regional Coordinators fo Ph.D Nursing Sciences candidates -Amendment
12-01-2021 List of Candidates that have successfull completed Ph.D Course Work
26-12-2019 Notice Regarding Plagiarism Certificate
19-12-2019 Viva-Voce Examination of Ph.D Student
19-11-2019 Viva-Voce Examination of Ph.D Student

 List of candidates that have successfully completed the Ph.D. coursework

08-11-2019 Regarding issue of Plagiarism Verification Certificate before submission of thesis of Ph.D || Click here to download Plagiarism Verification Certificate
14-08-2019 Schedule for Ph.D Coursework Exam
03-06-2019 Regarding Ph.D Coursework
29-05-2019 Openly Defended Viva Voce

Important notice regarding coursework for Ph.D. scholars|| (For any queries please contact Dr. Vikas Gupta, 09914933022)


Guidelines regarding coursework for Ph.D. scholars (Registered after 31/03/2018)


Fee charged from the Ph.D candidates  for late submission of  Progress reports 

11-04-2019 Viva-Voce Examination
18-03-2019 Viva-Voce Examination
05-03-2019 Schedule of Ph.D. coursework exam
28-01-2019 Regarding Plagiarism free Ph.D Research Work.
04-01-2019 List of Candidates Registered for Ph.D Degree Course
04-01-2019 List of Candidates Awarded Ph.D Degree -2018

Guidelines for Conduct of Ph.D Viva Voce Examination

22-11-2018 Viva-Voce Examination
21-11-2018 Important notice regarding coursework for Ph.D. scholars
20-03-2018 PHDET-2017 Result
19-03-2018 Regarding Enrolment of Ph.D Candidates

For the students who have cleared Ph.D entrance exam before 2017

28-02-2018 Notice(Enrolment of Ph.D Candidates)
27-02-2018 PHD Entrance Test will be held on 20-03-2018
21-02-2018 List of Candidates Awarded Ph.D Degree
12-02-2018 Scholarship for regular Ph.D. Candidates
23-01-2018 Ammendments
12-01-2018 Regarding Ph.D.Course work
10-04-2017 Annual Seminar Report Performa
07-02-2017 Appointment of Regional Coordinators for Ph.D.Nursing sciences candidates
22-11-2016 Research Centre Fee for Guidance for Ph.D Students for Nursing Students
06-09-2016 Half-Yearly Progress Report Performa
08-09-2015 Minutes of the meeting of the faculty of nursing
07-04-2015 Appointment as supervisor/Co-supervisor for Ph.D (Nursing)
07-04-2015 Result PHDET 2014 || Notice to All the PHDET -2014 qualified candidates
29-03-2015 Result PHDET 2014
27-03-2015 PHDET 2014 Notice
21-3-2015 PHDET 2014 Discrepancy List (Revised)


PHDET 2014 Discrepancy List


PHD Entrance Test(PHDET-2014) will be held on 29-03-2015(Sunday)


11-06-2014 Applications are invited for PHD Entrance Test 2014
PHD Section



PHD Ordinances

Click here to download Provisional Application Form for Entrance Test

Syllabus for Ph.D Entrance Test


Approval of Guide / Co-Guide (Dr. Sanjeev Kumar)

Approal of Guide / Co-Guide (Dr. Renu Bansal)

Final Minutes of RDC-Nursing held on 07-11-2012

Guidebook for Submission of Theses/ Dissertations in Print and Electronic Format (Applicable for Ph.D. Candidates only)


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