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Regarding Ph.D Regional Coordinator


Regarding coursework for Ph.D. scholars


Registration for coursework for Ph.D. scholars is hereby extended

04-10-2023 Regarding viva voce of Ms Ravdeep kaur
20-09-2023 Regarding Ph.D certificate
31-08-2023 Registration for coursework for Ph.D. scholars extended

Important notice regarding coursework for Ph.D. scholars


Enhancement of Ph.D Annual Fee                                             

22-06-2023 List of Candidates that have Successfully completed the Ph.D.Coursework
18-04-2023 Letter of Degree Notification (Ph.D)
14-03-2023 Course work completion List
25-01-2023 Click here for previous papers of Phd entrance test
09-01-2023 Click here to apply online for Phd. Programme
17-11-2022 Rescheduled Ph.D. Coursework Exam 2022
09-11-2022 Schedule of Ph.D Coursework Exam
19-07-2022 Instructions regarding PhD for information of all concerned
09-06-2022 Coursework Result
10-05-2022 Coursework for Ph.D. Scholars-2022
29-03-2022 Regarding Ph.D Coursework
29-03-2022 Regarding Ph.D Coursework
17-12-2021 Regarding Ph.D.Course work
16-09-2021 Schedule of Ph.D. Coursework Exam
23-08-2021 instruction regarding PhD for information of all concerned



Provisional Result Ph.D Entrance Test dated 07-07-2021

Regarding PhD Entrance test marks

Important notice Regarding PHD entrance test 2020-21 || Click here to download Rollno


17-07-2021 Registration for Ph.D Programme all Faculties
14-07-2021 Notice Regarding Coursework for Ph.D. scholars
22-04-2021 Click here to apply online for PHDET-2021
31-03-2021 instruction Regarding Ph.D for information of all concerned
12-03-2021 Instructions regarding submission of Ph.D Reports
10-03-2021 Viva-Voce examination of Ms.Arti Ph.D Candidate in the subject of Nursing under the faculty of Nursing Sciences
12-02-2021 Viva-Voca Examination (Biotechnology)
02-02-2021 Appointment of Regional Coordinators fo Ph.D Nursing Sciences candidates -Amendment
12-01-2021 List of Candidates that have successfull completed Ph.D Course Work
26-12-2019 Notice Regarding Plagiarism Certificate
19-12-2019 Viva-Voce Examination of Ph.D Student
19-11-2019 Viva-Voce Examination of Ph.D Student

 List of candidates that have successfully completed the Ph.D. coursework

08-11-2019 Regarding issue of Plagiarism Verification Certificate before submission of thesis of Ph.D || Click here to download Plagiarism Verification Certificate
14-08-2019 Schedule for Ph.D Coursework Exam
03-06-2019 Regarding Ph.D Coursework
29-05-2019 Openly Defended Viva Voce

Important notice regarding coursework for Ph.D. scholars|| (For any queries please contact Dr. Vikas Gupta, 09914933022)


Guidelines regarding coursework for Ph.D. scholars (Registered after 31/03/2018)


Fee charged from the Ph.D candidates  for late submission of  Progress reports 

11-04-2019 Viva-Voce Examination
18-03-2019 Viva-Voce Examination
05-03-2019 Schedule of Ph.D. coursework exam
28-01-2019 Regarding Plagiarism free Ph.D Research Work.
04-01-2019 List of Candidates Registered for Ph.D Degree Course
04-01-2019 List of Candidates Awarded Ph.D Degree -2018

Guidelines for Conduct of Ph.D Viva Voce Examination

22-11-2018 Viva-Voce Examination
21-11-2018 Important notice regarding coursework for Ph.D. scholars
20-03-2018 PHDET-2017 Result
19-03-2018 Regarding Enrolment of Ph.D Candidates

For the students who have cleared Ph.D entrance exam before 2017

28-02-2018 Notice(Enrolment of Ph.D Candidates)
27-02-2018 PHD Entrance Test will be held on 20-03-2018
21-02-2018 List of Candidates Awarded Ph.D Degree
12-02-2018 Scholarship for regular Ph.D. Candidates
23-01-2018 Ammendments
12-01-2018 Regarding Ph.D.Course work
10-04-2017 Annual Seminar Report Performa
07-02-2017 Appointment of Regional Coordinators for Ph.D.Nursing sciences candidates
22-11-2016 Research Centre Fee for Guidance for Ph.D Students for Nursing Students
06-09-2016 Half-Yearly Progress Report Performa
08-09-2015 Minutes of the meeting of the faculty of nursing
07-04-2015 Appointment as supervisor/Co-supervisor for Ph.D (Nursing)
07-04-2015 Result PHDET 2014 || Notice to All the PHDET -2014 qualified candidates
29-03-2015 Result PHDET 2014
27-03-2015 PHDET 2014 Notice
21-3-2015 PHDET 2014 Discrepancy List (Revised)


PHDET 2014 Discrepancy List


PHD Entrance Test(PHDET-2014) will be held on 29-03-2015(Sunday)


11-06-2014 Applications are invited for PHD Entrance Test 2014
PHD Section


Syllabus for Ph.D Entrance Test


Approval of Guide / Co-Guide (Dr. Sanjeev Kumar)

Approal of Guide / Co-Guide (Dr. Renu Bansal)

Final Minutes of RDC-Nursing held on 07-11-2012

Guidebook for Submission of Theses/ Dissertations in Print and Electronic Format (Applicable for Ph.D. Candidates only)